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Rent NY Real Estate™ is a commercial and residential real estate brokerage based out of Manhattan. We believe that exceptional customer service starts with an educational investment in our agents and employees. This is the starting point of our mission— to make property purchasing, financing and leasing in New York City an informed and seamless experience. 

Since our inception last year, outstanding quality, value, and style are the standards that Rent NY Real Estate™ continues to live by. From residential leasing to commercial property sales, one can see these values on every front from the world-class service to the client-tailored units and properties. Rent NY Real Estate™ constantly improves the quality and value of our company's core services and continues to raise the bar of Manhattan property transaction with each and every deal.

With recent market activity heavily favoring buyers and renters, property owners that we work with understand that they must not only provide attractive value propositions, but also find ways to make New York's prospective buyers and renters fall in love with their properties. Traditional techniques of improving property appeal such as making minor discounts and repairs, repainting, and checking curb appeal are still important but owners and sellers may want to consider more aggressive and unconventional techniques to create and promote a genuine "I-want-that" kind of feeling.

Client Testimonials

I highly recommend working with David Aharoni! I recently moved to NYC from the Midwest with a $1500 budget. I knew right away that I had to live in Manhattan and I kept getting frustrated with the prices of studios. David helped me find two roommates on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for $1500 per person per month. . . They got me a 3-bedroom apartment with a doorman and other amenities I wasn't expecting. I was so pleasantly surprised and I'd recommend them in a heartbeat! - Jaye 8/27/16 (Yelp)

David was both knowledgable and thoughtful. We were not quite sure if what we wanted fit into our budget but David was persistent and patient and found us the place of our dreams! Would definitely recommend to anyone from the city or moving here! - Sarah 7/26/18 (Naked Apartments)

David is a fantastic broker. He doesn't waste your time or show you apartments that you won't want. He also seems to be able to find great deals and knows how to negotiate for his clients. I got a great apartment at the budget I wanted and he even got them to lower the rent and add some amenities. I don't think there is a better broker in Manhattan! - Tony 8/12/18 (Naked Apartments)

David is my go-to real estate broker for all of my multifamily leasing and investment projects. Understands the data, tax classes, building classes, and trends unlike any other broker in Manhattan I've ever worked with. - Bobby 1/17/2019 (E-mail)


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