Amazon HQ Move to Long Island City Brings Enticing Possibilities to Sliding Market

November 15, 2018 | By David A.

The big news this week came when Amazon CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos announced that his company will be splitting their coveted new headquarters, referred to as HQ2, between Northern Virginia and Long Island City. While local residents across the five boroughs are divided on the decision, others invite the move as an opportunity to create value for homeowners and renters in a suddenly lucrative Queens neighborhood. While there are certainly multiple factors to consider, the time is right to look into property in LIC. Currently, the real estate market, including us at Rent NY, are getting an influx of requests for information on Long Island City's multifamily investment properties, as well ...

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What Are The Benefits of New Opportunity Zones For Investors?

November 9, 2018 | By David A.

Recent policies in Washington, designed to spur tax breaks in low-income or “economically distressed” neighborhoods, have opened up some exciting new possibilities for real estate investors. The tax breaks are a bit confusing for most, but the overall goal is clear: to try and bring new economic development to adversely impacted communities. Civic minded investors can also realize large monetary profits, too, and here at RentNY we will walk you through how you can stand to benefit from these new “opportunity zones” as an investor. Where Are They? Opportunity zones are found in designated low income neighborhoods across America, including New York City. According...

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Best Old School Diners in NYC

November 8, 2018 | By Bryan A.

Ah, the diner. So uniquely American. Moreso, so very New York. Residents of the Big Apple have flocked to diners for over a century, coming for good eats shuttled quickly off the grill. Nowadays, it is harder to find good joints capable of serving up timeless classics done right. However, if one looks hard enough, it isn’t too difficult to find diners worth visiting. Here is our list of the best options to go to for a taste of nostalgia. Eisenberg’s Located right next to the Flatiron Building, Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop has been an institution since its founding in 1929. This diner is proud to have been “Raising New York’s Cholesterol” since the 20&rs...

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An Introduction to Tax Exemptions and Abatements in Manhattan

October 30, 2018 | By David A.

The wide arrange of tax exemption and abatements available are a perfect way for New York property owners and homeowners, who qualify, to save money when tax season roles around. This list acts as a guide to differentiate between the various programs available to apply for and put in place by the Department of Finance, which will hopefully save you some of your hard-earned money. Cooperative/Condominium Abatement For owners of both co-ops and condominiums who can meet requirements, their property taxes can be reduced significantly. The amount of tax break all depends on the average assessed value of the property, which is based on the amount of residential units within the building, a...

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5 Spookiest Places to Spend Halloween in NYC

October 27, 2018 | By Bryan A.

Halloween season is upon us, and its time to get into the spirit. What better way to get your scare on than by checking out some of New York’s spookiest locales? Presented below are the five best places to get thrills and chills on Halloween, located across various neighborhoods in the five boroughs: I Survived The Room: Toxico Sanatorium Out in Long Island City, thrill-seekers can attempt to escape a locked room in an abandoned sanatorium, where a doctor is on the lookout for two missing patients. Packing plenty of scares through the use of live actors, “Sanatorium” is notable for its startlingly good effects and settings as well, which help build upon the paranoia ...

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Advantages of Using a Buyer’s Agent

October 23, 2018 | By Bryan A.

In the process of finding the best home for purchase in Manhattan, things can often get a little tedious. Trying to balance all of the different factors that go into finding a home can feel like an impossible task. However, as you’ll see in the following article, there are definite advantages from contacting a reliable buyers agent to have on your side. In fact, it will help you get an even better home at a more affordable price! What is a Buyer’s Agent? A buyer’s agent looks for property for a buyer, meeting their client’s criteria and negotiating the purchase of the property itself. However, there is more to it than meets the eye, as Founder of Rent NY Real Es...

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Rent NY Website Guide

October 15, 2018 | By Bryan A.

So you’re looking for a new apartment or condominium to lease or purchase in New York. If you’re lucky, you’ve managed to stumble upon the great deals available at Rent NY Real Estate™. Good for you! Now comes the time to browse their comprehensive and cutting edge site to find a match that is just right. While it can seem daunting at first, given the large amount of different options on the website, with the help of these simple tips you should be able to navigate Rent NY like a pro. As Founder David Aharoni says, “Transparency and innovation are the two pillars of our business, and our website is a reflection of these two virtues.” Rental Listings ...

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