The Perfect NYC July 4th Guide for 2019

July 3, 2019 | By Bryan A.

It’s that time of year where millions of Americans break out the red white and blue, fire up the grill, and watch some fireworks to top it all off. However, living in New York City, there are plenty of other ways for you to invest your time and get out of the apartment. But where to start? 10:00 AM: Head to the Beach This one may seem obvious. Nothing hits the spot like a warm, breezy day on the coast. Mellowing out and relaxing at the beach is one of the best ways to usher in summer vibes. However, you won’t be alone. For the best chance at ultimate zen, try to leave NYC a tad before your fellow commuters. Days like the 4th can be chaos, so if you’re going to Rockawa... ...

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Best Old School Diners in NYC

November 8, 2018 | By Bryan A.

Ah, the diner. So uniquely American. Moreso, so very New York. Residents of the Big Apple have flocked to diners for over a century, coming for good eats shuttled quickly off the grill. Nowadays, it is harder to find good joints capable of serving up timeless classics done right. However, if one looks hard enough, it isn’t too difficult to find diners worth visiting. Here is our list of the best options to go to for a taste of nostalgia. Eisenberg’s Located right next to the Flatiron Building, Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop has been an institution since its founding in 1929. This diner is proud to have been “Raising New York’s Cholesterol” since the 20&rs... ...

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5 Spookiest Places to Spend Halloween in NYC

October 27, 2018 | By Bryan A.

Halloween season is upon us, and its time to get into the spirit. What better way to get your scare on than by checking out some of New York’s spookiest locales? Presented below are the five best places to get thrills and chills on Halloween, located across various neighborhoods in the five boroughs: I Survived The Room: Toxico Sanatorium Out in Long Island City, thrill-seekers can attempt to escape a locked room in an abandoned sanatorium, where a doctor is on the lookout for two missing patients. Packing plenty of scares through the use of live actors, “Sanatorium” is notable for its startlingly good effects and settings as well, which help build upon the paranoia ... ...

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Advantages of Using a Buyer’s Agent

October 23, 2018 | By Bryan A.

In the process of finding the best home for purchase in Manhattan, things can often get a little tedious. Trying to balance all of the different factors that go into finding a home can feel like an impossible task. However, as you’ll see in the following article, there are wonderufl advantages from having a reliable buyers agent to have on your side of the transaction. In fact, the data shows it will help you get an even better home at a more affordable price. What is a Buyer’s Agent? A buyer’s agent looks for property for a buyer, meeting their client’s criteria and negotiating the purchase of the property itself. However, there is more to it than meets the eye... ...

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Five "Secret" Restaurants and Clubs in NY

October 8, 2018 | By Bryan A.

Rao’s This famous East Harlem Italian spot is historic, established in 1896. It only houses ten tables and you need to know someone to get a reservation. Getting a table requires a reservation from someone who owns a table there, which changes on a yearly baisis. Authentic Italian food makes Rao’s a high profile destination for VIPs to grab a meal. Bohemian Bohemian, located in the back of a NoHo butcher shop, serves as a “secret” bar/restaurant. The best way to get in is to get a phone number from someone who has managed to eat there before, but even then nothing is guaranteed. However, if you do manage to make it inside, they offer up some terrific Japanes... ...

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New York City Home Financing Guide

October 4, 2018 | By Bryan A.

Financing a home is one of the most difficult parts of the home owning process. Frequently, people turn to home loans to help with the costs. With so many different options, it can often get confusing to try and sort them all out. At the same time, this wide variety means that finding a loan which works for you is truly possible. In the following list, we’ll take a look at the numerous choices at your disposal for home finance, and break them down in a way that will help and inform prospective owners. Fixed Rate vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages Almost all home loans will offer these two mortgage options: Fixed rate mortgage is a fixed interest rate that stays the same for anywher... ...

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Five Best Lunch Spots for Manhattanites

September 26, 2018 | By Bryan A.

Lunch can be a hectic time for the many working men and women in New York’s busiest borough. Unlike casual eating in your apartment, afternoon eating often comes within a time crunch, which brings pressure to find a good meal. This makes it important to find the best spots for each occasion, whether it comes in a formal or relaxed setting. In the following list, we’ll take a look at restaurants that are a step above the rest when it comes to afternoon eats in the Big Apple. Katz’s Delicatessen Lower East Side Probably the most well-known place on our list (or in New York for that matter), Katz’s has earned its reputation for a good reason. Serving NYC since t... ...

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