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December 28, 2018 | By Bryan A,

 New Year 2019 is just around the corner, capping off another quarter of a heavy buyer's market in the real estate market in New York City. Those looking for a new home will have plenty of options as well. Whether it is West Side or East, potential homeowners will definitely be able to find a listing that works best for them. In this list, we take a look at five of the most notable condominiums to be on the lookout for.

15 Hudson Yards

After recently extending the 7 subway line further west on 34th street, the Hudson Yards neighborhood has seen a revitalization in recent years. Now, a massive new residence, 15 Hudson Yards, has begun to finish up construction. The condo’s biggest draw has to be it’s view. Looking straight out to the Hudson River, residents are treated to stunning sunsets across from the New Jersey coastline. As for the building amenities, the 88-story structure offers up a little bit of something for everyone. Manhattan Real Estate Broker David Aharoni notes, “15 Hudson Yards is really unique due to its position. Not only is it a beautiful space without much competition in terms of other condominiums, but there has been significant investment by the city into the surrounding neighborhood. As a result, home owners are treated to numerous public spaces and parks right at their doorstep.”

Essex Crossing

This Lower East Side “mega-project” has been in the works for over three years. Located on Delancey Street, there has been construction on four residential towers, each in varying stages of the building process. However, last year the first residents began to move in to housing. The other three condos are all expected to begin opening up before the end of 2019, so these are definitely a group of developments to keep your eye on. Another notable fact to consider is the commercial anchor tenants moving in, such as Target and Trader Joe’s. With these resources available at the bottom floor, coupled with proximity to one of New York’s most vibrant and historic neighborhoods, people should be flocking to Essex Crossing in 2019.

One Manhattan Square

Sticking in the Lower East Side, the much-anticipated One Manhattan Square is expected to finish construction in the coming year. The project, which is located right next to the Manhattan Bridge, is set to tower over 50 stories, making it look quite impressive in comparison to the surrounding neighborhood, in which only the bridge itself reaches over 30 stories. As Aharoni states, “This is definitely a development we have our eye on. It comes complete with swimming pools, bowling alleys, and more ammenities that one doesn’t even realize they need. Couple that with a stunning view out to Brooklyn - why wouldn’t you explore living at One Manhattan Square?”. He makes a good point; other highlights include playgrounds for kids and a serene outdoor garden for all residents.

Waterline Square

Heading back to the West Side is Waterline Square, a group of three condominiums on 59th Street. Built around a newly landscaped park, these towers are scenic, to say the least. Over 10,000 acres of green space, coupled with new restaurants and retail shops will make the Waterline area the place to be on the West Side. With both Midtown and Central Park within walking distance as well, residents will have a healthy balance of business and leisure at their fingertips. With so much to do, and so many units available for purchase, Waterline Square, like the other properties we have covered, will be in high demand. Make sure to look into it before residences open to the public this coming year.

45 Park Place

Down in Tribeca, near Chambers Street, is where 45 Park Place can be found. Set to open next year, this downtown condo will offer up only about 50 homes, making it a bit more exclusive than some of the other developments on our list. Regardless, while buying may be a tad more expensive as a result, not having to deal with as many people in a giant highrise may prove to be a major benefit for some clients. With units ranging from one-bedroom to full-floor homes, there should be an option for every kind of buyer. Amenities include a 50-foot pool and state-of-the-art yoga and fitness centers. While it may not receive as much hype as the other selections on the list, give 45 Park Place a consideration when searching for a property that makes sense for you.

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