The Perfect NYC July 4th Guide for 2019

July 3, 2019 | By Bryan A.

It’s that time of year where millions of Americans break out the red white and blue, fire up the grill, and watch some fireworks to top it all off. However, living in New York City, there are plenty of other ways for you to invest your time and get out of the apartment. But where to start?

10:00 AM: Head to the Beach

This one may seem obvious. Nothing hits the spot like a warm, breezy day on the coast. Mellowing out and relaxing at the beach is one of the best ways to usher in summer vibes. However, you won’t be alone. For the best chance at ultimate zen, try to leave NYC a tad before your fellow commuters. Days like the 4th can be chaos, so if you’re going to Rockaway, hop on the A in the morning. If you have a car, leave town and head towards Jones Beach or Robert Moses. Timing is key.

2:00 PM: Louis Amstrong’s Birthday Bash

Perhaps the greatest jazz performer in American history, Louis Armstrong passed away in the early 70’s in his Corona, Queens home. However, the Satchimo’s legacy still lives on. Every July 4th, a special concert in the Armstrong’s Japanese Garden is held, bringing together both young and old to listen to great music. In addition, the Louis Armstrong Museum, which is also a walking tour of his beloved home, is open for the public.

4:00 PM: Fourth of July Night Market

From Corona, head on over to Long Island CIty, where a street market, located right across the river from Midtown Manhattan, is sampling food from around the world. Investing in some foreign goodies is perhaps the perfect way to celebrate our nation’s diverse background. Not to mention, adults have access to a wide variety of beverages and an exclusive All-Queens beer garden. Make sure to get over there before the event closes at 7:00 PM.

6:00 PM: Coney Island Fun

Nobody in New York does July 4th quite as well as Coney Island. The NYC amusement capital, as they do every year, is holding a major celebration for the entire day. Go over to Luna Park and enjoy some rides, head down to the boardwalk to check out the scene, or stop by iconic Nathan’s to grab some lunch. If you get there around 10:30, the classic Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is taking place before a crowd of spectators. If you want to stay through the night, be sure to check out the fireworks!

9:00 PM: Macy’s Fireworks

Macy’s is the ultimate classic, cherished by virtually all New Yorkers. Making its debut in 1976 to celebrate the nation’s bicentennial, this celebration has been going strong for over forty years! This year, the night time spectacle moves back to the East River, down by the Brooklyn Bridge/Dumbo area. Those near the area can either head towards the river, or try to find a friend with a nice rooftop view to cap off what should be an amazing day of July 4th festivities. Expect the show to start at around 9:20 PM.

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