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October 15, 2018 | By Bryan A.

So you’re looking for a new apartment or condominium to lease or purchase in New York. If you’re lucky, you’ve managed to stumble upon the great deals available at Rent NY Real Estate™. Good for you! Now comes the time to browse their comprehensive and cutting edge site to find a match that is just right. While it can seem daunting at first, given the large amount of different options on the website, with the help of these simple tips you should be able to navigate Rent NY like a pro. As Founder David Aharoni says, “Transparency and innovation are the two pillars of our business, and our website is a reflection of these two virtues.”

Rental Listings 

While this isn’t a technical feature of the site, the wide array of housing offered by Rent NY is impressive. Standing at over 10,000 apartments and condominiums available for rent and sale, the company combines both their own private database and the Real Estate Board of New York’s to create a comprehensive selection of homes to browse through. Although they started as a leasing company, Rent NY has developed into a full-service commercial and residential brokerage, with a priority on being upfront with customers about what is best for them. Aharoni notes “We’ve placed a priority on searches that are user friendly and easy to filter, something important given the sheer amount of options at one’s disposal. While other sites may only push property that they want to profit off of, we believe that it is better to let the customer pick out the right property for their specific needs by tailoring our search engine to suit them. As you place specifications into the search platform, such as room size and price range, it is important to know that the search is designed for your preferences, and not someone else's.”

Rental unit inventory is updated 4-6 times a day.

Neighborhood Guide

A unique feature to the Rent NY site is the use of a neighborhood guide when clicking on an apartment. This allows for users to get an idea of the area and the positioning of their potential home in relation to a variety of factors, such as transportation and nightlife. In addition, the website also has real time market statistics and trends. This is a game changer for those with an eye towards the future. By knowing just how much your home is worth both now and in the future, Rent NY chooses not to keep customers in the dark. To get a finger on the value of a property, be sure to utilize this nifty little tool when you visit the site.

Be sure to utilize this nifty little tool when you visit the site.

Free Account Dashboard

Browsing the site and struggling to come to a decision? That’s ok! You should be patient when looking for a new property. This is where the benefits of signing up for a free account come in handy. By doing so, you can save and track your favorite properties. This also gives you the ability to quickly contact listing agents from the site instead of over the phone, creating a quick and easy experience for planning to view a number of apartments.


Pictured above is the account dashboard.

Detailed Apartment Information

There are few things in life that are more frustrating than a real estate website which lacks a sufficient amount of detail in their listings. At Rent NY, providing customers a proper description of each and every property is a must. Every piece of information needed, ranging from utilities to pet friendliness is accounted for to ease any concerns potential customers may have. Information on these properties is also accompanied by a listing agent with their information as well. Instead of a call or even an email, users also have the option to send them a message from the site directly to set up a meeting or just to answer any concerns. One other thing to note: Rent NY has a full-service brokerage on-staff to help with customer questions and provide brokerage services on request.

Providing users a proper description of each and every property is a must.

Rent NY Blog

The blog is one of the newest features on the Rent NY site, and it is designed to give browsers both help with the real estate questions on their mind and to shine light on various parts of New York at your disposal. Aharoni had the following to say: “Rent NY is really proud of the progress we have made this past year on our blog. I would highly recommend giving it a look for any new arrival on our site.”

The blog is one of the newest features on the Rent NY site.

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