5 Spookiest Places to Spend Halloween in NYC

October 27, 2018 | By Bryan A.

Halloween season is upon us, and its time to get into the spirit. What better way to get your scare on than by checking out some of New York’s spookiest locales? Presented below are the five best places to get thrills and chills on Halloween, located across various neighborhoods in the five boroughs: 

I Survived The Room: Toxico Sanatorium

Out in Long Island City, thrill-seekers can attempt to escape a locked room in an abandoned sanatorium, where a doctor is on the lookout for two missing patients. Packing plenty of scares through the use of live actors, “Sanatorium” is notable for its startlingly good effects and settings as well, which help build upon the paranoia building inside of those partaking. Despite being a bit out of the way, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Blood Manor

Located by Canal Street, Blood Manor has gained quite the reputation recently as New York’s premier haunted house, and for good reason. While the actors do a good job of creating a menacing atmosphere, the place where Blood Manor really shines are in its special effects. Costuming, sounds, and set pieces all invoke fright night fear, and it keeps customers anticipating as they move into the next terror-themed room. For an iconic NYC scare, check out Blood Manor.

New York Haunted Hayride

Out on Randall’s Island (yes, a bus is needed for public transportation), you can find an NYC rarity: a haunted hayride. Per the company website, “psychotic clowns, vicious demons, and killers lurk around every corner waiting to ruin you…”, a statement that really isn’t exaggerating. An assortment of colorfully creepy characters loom in the dark, threatening to scare riders out of their seats at any given moment. A fun-filled Halloween village, fittingly called “Purgatory”, offers up games and carnival-style eats as well.

Ghosts of NY Walking Tour

Ever wonder about the presence of visitors from the afterlife in New York City? Or just a big Ghostbusters fan? Well, luckily for you, Ghosts of NY Walking Tours has you covered. These are themed walking tours, which allow for some seriously cool opportunities: search for ghosts in museums, Grand Central, or Edgar Allen Poe-themed walks in Greenwich Village, among many others. These offer up a cool chance to not only look for phantoms but also learn more about the history of some of NYC’s most interesting locales.

Haunted Hollywood

For fans of horror movies and not necessarily looking to be frightened, Planet Hollywood in Times Square offers up a fun alternative. Filled with memorabilia from famous Halloween classics, such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Halloween, Haunted Hollywood is a fun treat down memory lane. In addition, be sure to get something to eat in the holiday-themed dining area, which includes specialty food and beverages.

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