Five Best Lunch Spots for Manhattanites

September 26, 2018 | By Bryan A.

Lunch can be a hectic time for the many working men and women in New York’s busiest borough. Unlike casual eating in your apartment, afternoon eating often comes within a time crunch, which brings pressure to find a good meal. This makes it important to find the best spots for each occasion, whether it comes in a formal or relaxed setting. In the following list, we’ll take a look at restaurants that are a step above the rest when it comes to afternoon eats in the Big Apple.

Katz’s Delicatessen

Lower East Side

Probably the most well-known place on our list (or in New York for that matter), Katz’s has earned its reputation for a good reason. Serving NYC since the turn of the 20th century, the old-school deli has become a landmark in the Lower East Side. Whether it's the vintage neon signing outside or the atmosphere inside, there is something about Katz’s that has drawn in generation after generation. The delicatessen is most known for their pastrami on rye sandwiches, among other tasty Jewish dishes. Servers are friendly, and there is plenty of seating for the large crowds that the deli brings in. If you aren’t familiar with Katz’s, then you’re missing out on a genuine New York experience.

Flora Bar 

Upper East Side

Looking to take clients or friends out to a trendy sit down spot? Look no further than the Flora Bar, located inside the Met-Breuer Museum on the Upper East Side. In a neighborhood known more for its condominiums than eateries, there is a challenge in opening up a spot in this traditionally fickle neighborhood. However, with the ambiance of the museum drawing in plenty of visitors, the bar has been making waves since its opening in 2016. A primarily seafood and vegetable focused menu serves as a refreshing light lunch, which complements the drink selection nicely. In addition, a stellar dessert menu will ensure that patrons leave Flora Bar full and satisfied. If you are looking to catch lunch at a trendy upscale spot, look no further than Flora.

Los Tacos No.1

Meatpacking District

In a rush for a bite to eat?

Los Tacos, located on 9th Avenue in Chelsea’s Meatpacking District, has got you covered. This Mexican eatery has popped up at the top of many lists of New York’s best tacos. In addition, a variety of other options and premium toppings (the guacamole is phenomenal) keeps customers coming back for more. While you may expect food with such praise to come with a five-course meal, Los Tacos instead serves as a fast paced lunch hub. Although there is no seating, the place is designed for those in a time crunch or people looking to take food back to their apartment. Although it isn’t fancy, Los Tacos consistently gets the job done for hungry New Yorkers.

Her Name is Han


High class eateries for Eastern cuisine have been popping up in New York frequently over the past 25 years, giving city dwellers a multitude of options to try new food. At Her Name is Han, patrons can order “Korean Soul Food”, a term coined by the restaurant for a reason. Inside a hip interior made up of wood and brick, the restaurant is serving up tasty short rib, garlic chicken, and beef noodle soup for lunch, among others. This spot also serves brunch on the weekends if you are looking to go on a day off. In addition, the cost is more than reasonable, with midday spreads under $20 dollars. One other thing to note: it is cash only. For a spot in the middle of Koreatown, and within striking distance of the Empire State Building, affordable and delicious food is hard to come by. Her Name is Han fills this need and offers up much more.

Superiority Burger

East Village

When one typically thinks of a burger joint, it brings up memories of greasy fast-food restuarants and not-so healthy eating. Superiority Burger is much different, making premium veggie burgers, among other vegetarian fare, in the heart of the Ukrainian Village. The chefs at Superiority are constantly changing the food options as well, keeping the venue fresh and new, even for frequent customers. This has many local denizens coming back often, without a clue as to what may be on the menu each time. As one of the standard bearers for up-and-coming vegetarian cuisine, Superiority Burgers is redefining what it means to serve burgers. It would behoove potential customers to skip out on it just based off of a name or the reputation of other burger spots. Give Superiority Burgers a try, and get ready to fall in love with the top veggie burger place in New York.

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